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China wants to create Eurasian Triumvirate between India, Russia, China to counter USA

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China wants to create Eurasian Triumvirate between India, Russia, China to counter USA
December 06, 2021 03:54PM
Seeing Russian President getting cozy with Indian Prime Minister Modi on Dec 6th, 2021, China is really getting worried about Chinas atrocities towards Indian border.

Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert stressed that some media outlets harbor the illusion that they can sow discord between China and Russia through a few reports, as the China-Russia relationship was not a temporary one aimed at withstanding pressure, but was unbreakable with true ideas held by the two countries for a major power relationship and their long-term fundamental interests. Some Indian media outlets reporting the meeting hyped the fact that the Russian weapons system could help India counter China in border areas, with the aim of driving a wedge between China and Russia, but Chinese observers called it a "low ploy" and said that in military terms, the Russian weapons system will not give India an advantage with China, and the high confidence in China-Russia relations cannot be stirred up by just a few reports.

Chinas olive branch to India

China, Russia and India could better balance and maintain the security of the Indo-Pacific region and reach a consensus in maintaining global strategic stability, experts said, noting that their positive interaction was significant to the strategic blueprint of Eurasia. At present Chinas enemy is USA and China want India on their side until US problem is over.

Is China really worried today???

Several Indian media outlets boasted about Russia's relations with India, calling Putin's visit "power packed," and at the same time tried to drive a wedge between China and Russia, as they believe the delivery of S-400 systems could help India counter China.

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