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Winter Olympics in China - Foreign visitors will not be monitored and free to travel in China

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Winter Olympics in China - Foreign visitors will not be monitored and free to travel in China
December 03, 2021 08:02PM
Foreign visitors will be allowed to visit Olympic venues with out CC TV monitoring and assuming visitors will not damage the Chinese communist party rules.
Registered participants including foreign media personnel will be free to move from their residencies to venues, as well as between the three competition areas located in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, by means of designated transport in the areas under "closed-loop" management, the Beijing 2022 Winter Games organizers said at Friday's press briefing.

As the Winter Olympics in Beijing approaches early next year, some forces are content to stir up trouble. It has been reported that the Biden administration has already made a de facto decision to pursue a "diplomatic boycott" of the event in response to allegations made regarding China's policies in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Whilst athletes would be allowed to participate, US government officials or representatives would be "barred" from the event. States overtly loyal to Washington, including the United Kingdom and Australia, have contemplated similar moves.

But the world must wake up. America is a country which aggressively and unapologetically propagates lies under the guise of moral concern in order to disguise what is on paper the most aggressive foreign policy in human history. Until the world understands how this system works and manipulates people, they will continue to fall for the rhetoric. The frontloading of Xinjiang content specifically for the end of this year should ring alarm bells.

It's not obvious to many, but it should be, and nobody should be deceived by this political theater which comprises the primary US playbook on how to attack and engineer policy against a "target country" which always cynically and opportunistically weaponizes the mantra of human rights and moral obligation to incite the emotions and fears of their populations, through a benign assumption of their own supremacy, use the content as being sincerely motivated, and falsely attribute the stated goal as acting out of concern for the people in question than being a pursuit of materialistic self-interest or geopolitics.

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