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Communist China Says USA behind Lithuania Love for Taiwan

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Communist China Says USA behind Lithuania Love for Taiwan
November 25, 2021 12:10PM
According to Taiwan authorities on Wednesday, "Some 10 parliamentarians from Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia will visit Taipei" in early December while also meeting with Taiwan's "top officials."

Lithuania said NO to One China policy. Communists believe this trend will catch on and soon no country will respect communists. SAD

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded to these remarks on Thursday, saying, "If reality fits with what the Lithuanian foreign minister said - the Lithuanian government can make independent foreign policy decisions - then I would like to ask him: what is he doing in the US?"

Analysts said that Landsbergis is visiting the US to seek rewards as his government is showing loyalty by challenging China, and without these rewards, those opportunistic Lithuanian politicians wouldn't dare to challenge China with such an unreasonable, reckless and nonsensical stance.

Lithuania will sign a $600 million export credit agreement with the US Export-Import Bank, Lithuanian Economy Minister Ausrine Armonaite told Reuters on November 19.

Zhao said on Thursday that "this just proves that behind Lithuania's provocative move, there is a puppeteer master running the entire show with premeditation," and "I want to stress that Lithuania's deal - exchanging export credits from the US with damaging China's sovereignty - is extremely immoral and dangerous."

Experts said Lithuania will find itself becoming isolated in the long term if it continues its stupid anti-China policy while all of its neighbors are receiving continuous benefits from cooperation and pragmatic exchanges with China.

The mistake made by some countries like Lithuania should not impact the greater map of China-Europe cooperation, Cui stressed, noting that "we can't let a mouse dung ruin the whole pot of porridge. The retaliation against Lithuania seems to have had some effect, and we need to let other European countries see the prospects of cooperation with China."

"The US and some other major Western countries are very hypocritical. On the one hand, they don't want to abandon China's market and are reluctant to provoke China on matters like the Taiwan question; on the other hand, they are encouraging small countries like Lithuania to recklessly provoke China, so that these small countries will lose the Chinese market, and those major Western countries' companies will take their shares," Cui said.

"Lithuania is a small country with very little international media coverage in the past, but its provocation on the Taiwan question has suddenly brought the Baltic state under the international spotlight" and those politicians want to maximize their political interests from this kind of dangerous move, Sun noted.

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